TBSA Coaching Staff

Cindy McConn, Skating Director

23 years coaching experience. Gold Medalist in Freestyle. Coached National, International Junior Worlds Champion. Specialties: jumps, spins, field moves, harness lessons.

Petr Barna

1992 Bronze Olympic Medallist, 1992 European Champion; World Cup Figure Skating Championship; 7 Times National Champion; 20 Medals from International Competitions. Teaching at TBSA since 1993

Andrea Barnoba

Junior and Senior National Champion; 9th at Junior World Championships; 7th at European Championships in 1989; 10th at the World Championships in 1989. 2002 National Dance Sport Champion.

Pauline Gasparini

World, Olympic, and International coach. Coaching for over 30 years, Produced eight National championships;  Bronze Medallist in World Professional Championships.  Member: PSA, USFSA, and ISI.  Ranking Level VI, PSA.

Lyndon Johnston

World and Olympic Pair Coach; Gold Medallist in Figures, Freestyle, Pairs, and Dance;  Former International and Olympic competitor, and National champion; National coaching certification level II; Member: USFSA and ISI.

Norm Beaudin

Played 14 years Pro hockey with St. Louis Blues, Minnesota North Stars and the Winnepeg Jets. Director of Adult Hockey and has coached Youth Hockey at TBSA for 8 years. Played & coached overseas as well.

Melissa Dantic

6 years coaching experience. Double Gold Medallist in Freestyle and Moves in the Field; Bronze Dance Test. 15 years of dance experience in all areas. Experiences strength & conditioning coach.

Diana Deka

USFSA Gold Level in Freestyle & Moves in the Field; Bronze level in Ice Dancing. Trained under Gus Lussi and other World and Olympic coaches. 10 years coaching experience. ISI Gold Certified judge.

Diane Lane

Thirty years coaching experience in USFSA and ISI;  Trained International, Jr. National, Sectional, and Regional competitors; Taught physical education at Westchester University for 5 years.  PSA Certified Rated Coach, ISI Gold Certified Judge.

Valerie Popp

Ten years coaching experience.  Trained in Lake Placid NY under World and Olympic coaches;  Skated in numerous ice shows on a professional and amateur level.  Competed on a regional level.  Member ISI.  ISI Silver Certified Judge.

Agi Soderman

National and International coach of 14 years;  Five-time Hungarian National Ladies Champion;  Competed in World, European, and many International Competitions;  Former Principal Soloist in "Holiday On Ice International"; Inducted into Hungarian Sport Hall of Fame.

Jennifer Tate

Twelve years competitive experience;  14 years coaching experience; Silver Medallist Ice Dancer;  Bachelor of Arts in Dance/Choreography;  Specializing in complete training programs - off and on ice for building well rounded and polished skaters;  Teaching disciplines: Freestyle, Moves in the field, Ice Dancing, On ice Ballet, and Off ice Movement.  Member: ISI, USFSA, and PSA.  PSA Rated Coach.

Lynn Duffy

10 years coaching Experience;  Canadian Figure Skating Association Silver Medallist in Figures, Freestyle, and Dance; Silver Medallist - Quebec Winter Games; Trained in Lake Placid under International coaches; Performed in Ice Follies and Disney On Ice;  9 years ballet training with the Royal Ballet of Canada;  Coach of gold medal winning synchronized skating teams.  Member: ISI, USFSA, PSA.  ISI Gold Certified Judge, PSA Rated Coach.

Nadine Pearson

29 years coaching experience;  Canadian Figure Skating Association Gold Medallist in Figures, Free Skating, Dance , and Free Dance;  USFSA Silver medallist in Figures and Free Skate;  Grade 5 Royal Academy Ballet;  Senior National Competitor;  Trained National competitors;  Coach of Gold Medal Synchronized Skating Teams and coach of the ISI National Adult champions.  Member: ISI, PSA.  ISI Gold Certified Judge,  PSA Rated Coach..

Maida Laird

18 years coaching experience; Coaching all levels of ISI and USFSA freestyle, moves in the field & choreography for competition and testing;  Team coach for 6 ISI World championships (teams placed in the top 20 out 120 teams each time);  Team coach for 6 ISI Winter Classic Championships (team placed as Champions 4 times);  Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University in Social work & Psychology;  Gold Medallist in Ice Dance and over 25 years of ballet, jazz, modern dance, and drama.  Member: ISI, USFSA, PSA.  ISI Gold Certified Judge,  PSA Rated Coach.

Gina Sanfilippo

3 years teaching experience in freestyle and moves in the field;  6 years dance background;  amateur and professional show experience;  8 years of precision skating.  Member: ISI and USFSA.

Karen Fenstermaker

Currently teaches group and private lessons.  Trained in Lake Placid at the USFSA Novice level, level 8 ISI.  Trained in classical ballet.  Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Sociology.  Member: ISI.

Bill Coyle

27 years teaching experience.  High level Figures and Freestyle;  ISI Gold Judge.  Member ISI, USFSA, and PSA.