1.     Teams must make additions to their roster with a league staff member prior to player participating in any game.   Failure to do so  will result in automatic forfeiture of the game the unregistered player participated in.  Deadline for adding players to a roster is December 31, 2002.

2.     All games will be played under USA Hockey Handbook playing rules.

3.     Games are played on a strict 65-minute time limit.

          (a)  First and second periods 10 minute stop time
          (b)  Third period one half time remaining stop time with automatic 65-minute curfew.
          (c)  Each time is allowed a one-minute time out per game.

4.     League Champions will be determined in the following manner:

          (d)  Most points:  two points for win, one point for tie
          (e)  Head-to-Toe competition between tied teams
          (f)  Most wins
          (g)  Least goals against

5.     In the event two teams have conflicting colored jerseys, pullovers will be supplied by the arena and will be worn by the visiting team on league schedule.

6.     Published schedules will not be changed to accommodate teams not able to play for any
reason.  If a team cannot make a scheduled game, it is their responsibility to make all
arrangements for a make-up game, including purchasing ice, referees and scorekeepers, along with opposing team's permission to reschedule.  If this procedure is not followed, team no showing for
game will forfeit 1-0; team showing up for scheduled game is entitled to use ice for practice or a practice game at their discretion.