Ice Sports Forum, Brandon
                                                                                               Skating Academy




Professional Staff

The instructors at the Ice Sports Forum Skating Academy are available for private as well as group lessons.  All of our staff instructors are highly qualified, and are members of ISI, and/or Professional Skaters Association (P.S.A.)  Several have achieved U.S.F.S.A. gold medals, and were regional, sectional, national and international competitors.  Some have even skated with such shows as the Ice Capades and Disney on Ice.  Once skaters have passed Freestyle 1, private instruction is encouraged to enhance development.  Training ice time is available for skaters to have private lessons for a separate fee.  Please contact Ginger Richards for a list of our current staff at (813) 684-7825 x235 or email at


Group Lessons

The Curriculum follows the guidelines established by the Ice Skating Institute (I.S.I)  Our lesson programs are available for all ages (3 and up) and ability levels.  Classes consist of 10 forty-five (45) minute lessons and six (6) free skating passes (if pre-register by date given) for practice.  Lessons are available fall, winter, spring and summer.  Depending on the number of registrations, classes are generally grouped for ages 3-6, 7-13, and 14 and older according to ability level.  Class size is limited to a maximum of 15 students.  All classes will be held at the Ice Sports Forum.



Ginger Richards, Skating Director

Ginger Richards is the new skating director at the Ice Sports Forum, Brandon  Skating Academy.  She began her training as a competitive skater at the age of 8 in Las Vegas, NV.  She then traveled back and forth to Santa Monica, CA to train with World and Olympic coach, John A.W. Nicks.  She competed in Freestyle, figures and pairs under the direction of John A.W. Nicks, Ronnie Robertson and Canadian and World pairs champion Gerty Desjardin.  She skated at regional and sectional championships winning medals in pairs.  Ginger has also skated professionally in shows for over 20 years and has an extensive background in choreography.  She has choreographed shows in Miami, Chicago and right here at Busch Gardens, Tampa,FL.  Ginger has been coaching for five years now and this is her first season as Skating Director for the Ice Sports Forum.  She is dedicated to achieving not only an exemplary skating program, but also one that has a positive influence on all who participate.

Andrei Berekhovski



Tonia Berekhovski
Lisa Boots

Lisa began her competitive skating career in 1987 in Orlando, FL.  She spent summers training in Colorado under World and Olympic coach Donald Laws.  She competed in freestyle, figures and dance under the direction of Mr. Laws, as well as David and Rita Lowry, Carol Fox and Bill Fauver.  She medaled in several prestigious competitions, including regional championships.  Lisa skated professionally while on break from her academic schedule.  She holds an Honors M.S.S. degree in Sport Coaching as well as an Honors B.A. degree in Psychology.  Lisa has coached at the Ice Sports Forum since its inception in October of 1997 and created the state's first USFSA-competitive synchronized skating team.  She is a Gold rated judge with the ISI, a member of the USFSA, and is accredited and rated by the PSA in freestyle, dance, team skating and groups. 

Lisa is available to coach not only all ages and disciplines, but in the area of strength and conditioning training as well.

  Tommy Brannen

Tommy has been a professional skater for the past 18 years and a PSA member.  Tommy is a native of Boston, MA. where he began his career at the age of 8.  Following in the foot steps of his older sister, Tommy was trained in Figures, Freestyle and pairs under the instruction of Helen McHugh Hatch of Boston and World Team Member, Lisa Coppola.  He is a New England medalist and eastern competitor in both singles and pairs. He has performed in many ice shows as a soloist and ensemble skater.  Traveling around the world for many years as a cast member of "Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom on Ice".  He is now performing at Busch Gardens in advanced entertainment groups, like "World Rhythms on Ice", where he is also the company manager.  He is excited to be teaching at the Ice Sports Forum Skating Academy and to be able to pass his knowledge to a new generation.

Shannon Edens

Shannon has 12 years of competitive skating experience.  She is a National Collegiate Silver Medalist, Eastern Sectional Champion and U.S. National Competitor.  She's also a USFSA Gold Medalist, Moves in Field and Freeskating.  She is a former USFSA Competition/Test Judge.  Shannon has 2 years of coaching experience in Freeskating, Moves in the Field, Dance and Choreography.

Tabitha Haputa

Tabitha has been teaching at the Ice Sports Forum for three years.  She has been figure skating since the age of five (5).  She has tested, competed and traveled throughout the country for 11 years.  During her travels she has learned discipline of the sport and believes in instilling the value and rewards of hard work and dedication into all young aspiring skaters.  She believes it is imperative for their development. 


Holley Hodges

Holley is a PSA, USFSA and ISI member.  She is also a certified Yoga/Pilates instructor.  She coaches all phases of skating and conditioning (on/off ice).  Her accomplishment on ice are Dance-Gold Level, MIF-Novice and Freestyle-Novice.  Holley stills skates competitively.  In roller skating she skated for 10 yrs.  During that time she was a Regional Champion and National Finalist for 3 years in all phases.


Penney Jackson

Penney has been skating for 40 years and more than 20yrs in the Ice Capades and various other shows in the U.S., Canada and abroad.  She has worked as a featured performer, performance director and show director.

Jim Millns

Jim is an Olympic and Multiple world medallist.  Winner of the Initial round of the World Championships (tied overall), Several time - US National Champion.  He is also a member of the Figure Skating Hall of Fame.


Heather Newmark

Heather began skating at the age of three (3).  She has attained the Gold Dance level as well as skating professionally for 7 years in ice shows such as Busch Gardens, Tampa,FL.  She has been coaching now for over 8 years and is a PSA member.


Kathy Thomas

Kathy has taught ISI Learn to Skate programs and Freestyle for 20 years.  She has taught as as a Synchronized Team Coach and Show Choreographer for 7 years at Memorial Arena.  Kathy has also tested pairs, pre figure and pre gold dance.  She is an ISI Gold Judge.


Sue Twitty

Sue is from Chicago, where she passed through ISI Freestyle 9. She has her bronze dances, Junior Pairs and Freestyle. She competed over 11 years with her brothers in pairs, they were Gold Medalists in regional and sectional USFSA competitions. They competed at the U.S. Nationals. Sue was coached by John Nicks and skated with the Ice Capades for several years throughout the U.S. She has a BA in education and has taught ice skating for 17 years. Sue is USFSA, ISI and PSA rated.